A sailracing multihull is the perfect platform for the sailing with your potential customers. 

Up to 10 guests can get active on board together with our pro-team. 


This is the ultimate lifetime experience on the sea.

You can decide the locations!


We can sail with the decision-makers and present them the great potential of their sustainable energy sources in combination with your innovative offshore technology.


During our company sailing events your business relationships can lead to real friendships that generate sustained sales worldwide.

We organize also teambuilding and incentive events for companies who like to motivate their employees.

Welcome on board!

Together with the Major of Qingdao City we sailed and won a race in front or the promenade. 

He said it was the most amazing outdoor experience of his life.

In a few hours of sailing, we can turn business relationships into real friendships that generate sustainable sales for our partners and sponsors.